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"We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!"

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Rewatching the first five seasons of Lost, one episode at a time.

the concept +
Who doesn't love Lost? Idiots, that's who. This community was made so that the fans can become lost again (horrible pun intended) in all the questions and mysteries that come with the show. Starting June 1st we will be watching one episode every other day leading us up until the end of the year and the final season of Lost. There will be one main post for all discussions (made by one of the moderators) and then members are welcome to post icons, gifs, layouts, etc. that correspond with the episode.
the schedule +
The schedules for watching, month by month.
June · July · August · September · October · November · December
the spoils +
Since this is a rewatch community you bet your ham loving ass there's going to spoilers. That is a given. Though we do encourage people who are watching for the first time to watch along in preparation for the new season. Even if you don't read through the comments, you could post your own and remind all of us what it was like to watch the series for the first time.
the rules +
Rules are for wusses. The only thing the mods will be enforcing is that posts made by members are relevant to the episode we just watched. If you have some ~zomg exciting breaking Lost news~ this is not the community for you to be posting that in. As stated previously, any icons or graphics, interviews with the cast/creators should be SPECIFIC for the episode that we are on.
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